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少林寺流錬心舘第三代宗家 保 勇三 十段範士

第三代宗家 保 勇三 十段範士のご紹介

平成28年11月29日、保 巌 第二代宗家がご逝去なされた。

昭和の拳聖と謳われた開祖 保 勇 十段範士の後継者として、少林寺流空手道の国際化と正流七法の正確な伝承に貢献された尊い生涯でありました。


この思いの下、流統の灯を絶やさぬよう直ちに通夜の席上、緊急師範会議が招集され、満場の総意をもって、開祖の三男 保 勇三 師範を少林寺流空手道錬心舘第三代の宗家に推戴することが決定された。





Shorinjiryu Karate-do Federation Renshinkan 3rd Soke

10th Dan Master

Soke Yuzou Tamotsu, 10th Dan Master, was born in Kagoshima in 1957 as third son of the late Isamu Tamotsu.

He became Soke of Shorinjiryu Karate-do Renshinkan in 2016.

After cumulative trainings and tutelage by his master and father, 

Yuzou Tamotsu mastered the ultimate techniques of Kata and Kumite.

His special Embu of Shorin-Kongou-Jyoujyutu(Houenryu-Jyojyutu) is one of the highest summit in Shorinjiryu Krate-do.

It is demonstrated ad annual All Japan Championships, and is evaluated as a Kata that has been completed with flamboyance in fierceness.

In Kumite, Yuzou Tamotsu has mastered various techniques such as: Ushiro-Mawashi-Geri (Back Round Kicks), Renzoku-Mawashi-Geri (Continuous Round Kicks), Nidan-Maswashi-Geri (Two-Step Round Kicks), Sokuto-Kuno-Ji-Geri (Sowrd Foot Kick with Dogleg Jump), Rasen-Shuto-Uchi (Spiral Hand Sword), and Gyappu-Sokuto-Geri (Backlash Sword Foot Kick).

These techniques have been feard in the Karate world as ultimate techniques that cannot be defended against.

We say, “The Essence of Karate-do lies in Kata”.

Through a combination of coaching and teaching of Kata, which is performed with flamboyance and speed,

Soke Yuzou Tamotsu has contributed to the nourishment of children’s mind, techniques and physique.

One of Soke Yuzou Tamotsu especially distinguished achievements has been spreading Karate-do to children across Japan and molding the abilities of these young “kenshi” (fist fighters).

Soke Yuzou Tamotsu is a Grand Master who stands at the forefront due to his outstanding leadership and he strives to further develop the Federation through modernization and internationalization.

Soke Yuzou Tamotsu, with his fortitude, wit, and extraordinary sensibility, aims at the creation of genuine Karate-do that can contribute peace to the world.

He has earned adoration from inside as well as outside the Federation as a Budo Master of the 21st Century who teaches children to hope and dream through the magnificent spirituality of Renshinkan Karate-do.



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